Little Red
by Becci Zanker-Allen

Giclee print
8 x 8"

Becci explains... "Little Red Riding Hood was always one of my favourite stories as a child. There is something quite fascinating but terrifying about it. I used to have a recurring dream about the wolf coming after me and so I thought it would be fun to create a piece that turned the story on its head a little. The wolf is not after the little girl at all, but is actually after her cupcakes which she is taking over to Granny's house."

"I love arts and crafts and as a child I would just sit and draw whenever I had any free time" Becci explains of her work. "I trained as a Graphic Designer and worked in the industry for over 10 years. When I had my three children I worked freelance (and still do) and have recently starting to create pieces of digital art which I turn into cards and prints."