Nature's Child
by Jenny E of 'pure art and soul'

Mixed media painting in watercolours & acrylics on heavyweight watercolour paper
8" x 8"

Jenny explains... "exploring nature has a very important role to play in childhood and is good for mind, body and spirit. Every child has the potential to be Nature's Child and be at one with our planet. The tree symbolises the nourishing, sheltering and supporting elements of Mother Earth who in turns needs the protection of her children. One hopes they will have the wisdom to tread the earth more lightly than those who have gone before them!

I am an artist whose inspiration comes from music, from dreams, from concern for our planet and from hope for a better world for our children. I'm most at home in peaceful, wild, lonely places and draw energy from the great outdoors as well as music and some of that positive energy inevitably has an art effect. Mostly I work in watercolours with some acrylics or mixed media. I also dabble in photography."