From Tiny Acorns
by Helen Dunlop

Textile mounted on card
8" x 8"

Helen explains......"My piece was inspired by the saying, ‘From tiny acorns, mighty oak trees grow’. The tree is made from felt images of the footprints of young babies. I find it wonderful to think that within the babies who donated their footprints to make the tree is the potential to achieve anything. Who knows whose footprints we have here and what they may end up doing? All the babies are children of friends and family and were between 6 days old and 10 months old when their footprints were taken by their parents.

I have enjoyed using textiles for many years and have developed this passion into my business where I create personalised handmade gifts. I particularly love working with felt as it is so versatile and vibrant. One of my bestselling products is a keepsake cushion with your baby’s footprint in felt. From this I developed the idea for this hand-sewn piece."