Through the Eyes of a Child
by Maya Hayward

Mixed media collage (photography/mixed fabric/felt/polymer clay/wood/buttons/beads and shells)
8 x 8"

Maya explains..."Having been a child once myself, and having given birth to five of my own children, I’ve spent a pretty long time observing the world through the eyes of children, the things that fascinate them, capture their attention (and mine), the slower pace of life that allows so much more to be seen – and appreciated - in less of a hurry. In the overall scheme of things, childhood is momentary ~ enjoy it while it lasts!

I’m a mixed media artist with a love of colour, shape and texture. I work from home in amongst raising my family – both jobs I LOVE! I currently make a lot of things from felt because the colours are so vibrant and really appeal to me, but I also dabble in photography and am largely inspired by my love for my natural environment. I have a head full of ideas to lead me down various creative paths and not nearly enough time (yet) to pursue them all!"