by Jina Wallwork

Graphite on paper
8 x 8"

Jina explains that her "childhood drawings contained simplicity. I wonder if I appreciated the complexity that surrounded me. Was I simplifying a world in order to understand it? My perception has been evolving, discarding some aspects during the process. That unique perspective is now lost. There are instances when only a child can understand. When they teach I will listen."

The profile on Jina's website tells us that ' Jina has exhibited artwork in galleries across the world. Jina was born an artist and developed her craft over time. She has a BA(Hons) Degree in Fine Art from Staffordshire University in England and has trained with other art establishments. Jina was also born with a unique perception that some would refer to as mysticism or clairvoyance.

This spiritual influence is something that greatly impacts her art. Her visions have become embedded in her practice.