All in a Days Play
by Shirley MacDonald

This 3D piece incorporates wet felting, needle felting, hand spinning, knitting and crochet and is made from pure wool and measures approximately 6'5" by 7.5"

Shirley also tells us... "All in a Day's Play features a needle felted paddling pool with crocheted 'water' and a knitted towel, both made using my handspun yarn. This is secured to a wet felted base. Needle felt toys are scattered around the pool; a teddy bear, 'wooden' sword and ball.

I chose this theme because my own garden is always scattered with toys, no matter the season or weather, and it's generally possible to guess the day's game simply by looking at the detritus come the end of the day."

Shirley is a published designer who lives in Fife, where she spreads her love of fibre crafts by taking them into local schools. She currently has plans to extend her range of schools as well as offering evening and weekend classes for children and adults