Run 2
by Sheila Wickens

Photographic print
8 x 8"

Sheila tells us this is....."Orrin running over bridge in woods near Dores.

I remember wondering when I was young why grown ups only walked around whenever they needed to go somewhere, and didn’t run there. Now that I am a grown up (I suppose!) I do run, but generally specifically for exercise, or because I am late! The energy, excitement and enthusiasm within which children get caught up when they run, is wonderful! In this series, my son Orrin, and niece Emma are running for fun, in various lovely places! Orrin runs through a puddle near Craster, Northumbria; Emma runs with Jake the dog in Ullapool, and Orrin runs over a bridge near Aldourie Castle, by Dores."
Sheila Wickens lives in Muir of Ord, with her husband Richard, 5 year old son, Orrin, and their cat and dog. It is not unusual for Sheila to have a crafty project of some kind on the go – often involving Orrin, for example, right now there are some half complete papier mache dragons’s heads slowly working their way towards completion! Sheila currently works as a part time community cycle trainer for Transition Black Isle’s Million Miles project.